General Assembly 2017 // Mitgliederversammlung

André GeestEvents

On 10th April 2017 the first step was taken to revive the German-Portuguese Law Society (Deutsch-Portugiesische Juristenvereinigung e.V.). The general assembly was held in the offices of Wulff & Coll. Rechtsanwälte.
Before the official start of the general assembly the former President of Germany, Mr. Christian Wulff, addressed a few words to the society and mentioned how important it is especially in these days to strengthen the ties between European countries. He wished the German-Portuguese Law Society the best of luck for its fresh start.

Afterwards, the General Assembly started and Mr. André Geest was voted as the President of the society and Ms. Marta Vieira Cura, LL.M. as Vice-President. Both of them had prepared the revival of the German-Portuguese Law Society for more than 1,5 years when they first contacted the former board of directors, Stephan Stieb and Karl-Michael Schindler.

The new Board will put an emphasis on reestablishing the infrastructure of the society, starting with this website to keep the members updated and all those interested in the activities of the society. The main goal will be to reactivate old members and to gain new members.

For the next general assembly the board also wants to advertise to change the purpose of the society to a broader scope. In order to revive the society it is crucial to not only deal with the connections between Germany and Portugal but between all German and Portuguese-speaking countries, such as Brazil or Angola. By widening the purpose a variety of economical and legal aspects can be covered that are closely tied together.

The Board also plans to put a focus on the fast developing start-up scene in Lisbon and examine this development from a legal point of view. The idea is to develop a hub for highly-interested individuals and to give them a network and supporting them in their cross-border endeavours. Therefore the board plans to visit the Web Summit ( in November 2017 and to bring fresh ideas into the society and generate new topics of discussion.